EXCLUSIVE: Atwood Inks a New Take on Comics’ Golden Age in War Bears

Dark Horse Comics today provided CBR with an exclusive first look at pages from Margaret Atwood’s upcoming comic series War Bears. The series will explore the Golden Age of comic books from the perspective of budding penciler Al Zurakowski.

The page art preview introduces readers to Al, who is late to his appointment at Canadian comics company Canoodle Comics Inc. where he meets Gloria Topper, the publisher’s Editor-in-Chief. Gloria promptly gives Al his first gig in the industry, despite being “no Hal Foster or Will Eisner.”

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A synopsis for the series teases that Al will go on to create Oursonette, a Nazi-fighting superhero at the height of World War II. The three-issue miniseries will explore the early comic book industry in Toronto, how the vicious war abroad affects Al and how the eventual rise of American comics after the war puts a cap on Al’s career.

The series is written by Margaret Atwood, whose book The Handmaid’s Tale was adapted into the massively popular Hulu television series by the same name. The series will be illustrated by Ken Steacy, whose work includes the likes of Astro Boy and Johnny Quest. War Bears #1 will go on sale on Sept. 5. Five pages from the upcoming debut issue can be previewed below.

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