Marc Silvestri Hospitalized But On The Mend

Today, the comics web opened its day with questions over the status of Marvel Comics "Incredible Hulk" series after the credits for next week's second issue revealed 11 artists contributing to the final product. The series main artist - comics mainstay and Image co-founder Marc Silvestri - was likely unaware of the discussion of his latest book for one very simple reason: he was in the hospital.

Silvestri's wife Briget has been Tweeting out news of the artist's condition since Tuesday of this week when he checked into a local Emergency Room after his ankle swelled up to a distressing degree. Mrs. Silvestri explained to fellow Top Cow creator Ron Marz that "He's more tired then anything, was up drawing all nite & hasn't slept in over 36 hrs." Silvestri broke the same ankle six years ago, and it appears that some kind of infection had taken root, however after two days of antibiotics and rest, his wife reported that he's "requesting I tell ppl he is in the Hospital bcuz he has the walking dead disease" before today saying he's been cleared for release.

CBR News reached out to Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik for an update on Silvestri's condition and how it will impact his workload. Sablik responded saying, "Marc is doing better and is being released from the hospital today. He's feeling good, is in high spirits, and eager to get back to the drawing board to wrap up the last couple of pages of 'Hulk' #3. It should not affect the release of 'Hulk' #3 and Marvel has been fantastic and understanding in working with us so that Marc could complete the entire issue."

When asked for comment on the art for issue #2 and the status of the series art team moving forward (Whilce Portacio is solicited to draw January's #4), Marvel Comics offered the following statement: "Marvel wishes Marc a full recovery and we appreciate him still having the dedication to work on Hulk given his current situation."

CBR wishes the artist the best in getting back on his feet. Stay tuned for more on "Incredible Hulk" as it becomes available.

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