Marc Silvestri covers "Red Sonja"

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July 21 2005, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment today released images and information concerning the 4th issue of the all-new ongoing Red Sonja series featuring the best creative talent assembled in comics and featuring an all-star line up of ultimate cover artists. And leading off the pack is the talented Marc Silvestri on cover detail with friends Billy Tan, Mel Rubi (Trademark wraparound cover) and Cully Hamner joining the issue's roster!

With the first issue of the series in stores this week (good things come to those who wait), Dynamite marches on with the all-new series and is working hard to put the series on a tight monthly schedule.

"Orders have been strong, and we expect to do well thanks to the support we've had from retailers and fans" commented Dynamite Spokesperson J. Allen. "Getting everything just right for #1 caused a few delays and we're working to curtail the ripple effect of those delays through the rest of the series. Issue #2 will also be late (sorry, but the 8 extra free pages put us even more behind), but by issue #3, you should see it getting back on track, and with hard work, issue #4 should be on time. It's taken a lot of work to keep the quality up, but hopefully the fans will enjoy the ride. All that being said, we've got a great another issue, with great cover art and great ordering incentives heading your way in September. Check it all out!"

RED SONJA #4 (JUL052765)

Michael Avon Oeming and Mike Carey (co-Writers); Mel Rubi (Artist); Caesar Rodriguez with Richard Isanove (Colorists); Cover art (Shipping Equal Ratio): Marc (New X-Men, Wolverine, Hunter/Killer) Silvestri, Mel Rubi Wrap-Around bonus cover, Cully (Gaijin Studio) Hamner and Billy (X-23/Marvel Knights) Tan!

The new and continuing adventures of the ultimate adventures of the She-Devil with A Sword continues from Dynamite Entertainment!

In issue #4, Sonja barely escapes the treachery that nearly ender her quest… and works with the mischievous Fa to raise up an army of Zedda's to destroy the King. Just one problem, during their infiltration of the King's stronghold, Sonja faces the one foe with whom she cannot do battle!

Featuring the continuing team of Carey, Oeming, Rubi, Rodriguez and Isanove along with cover artists (Shipping Equal Ratio): Marc (New X-Men, Wolverine, Hunter/Killer) Silvestri, Mel Rubi Wrap-Around bonus cover, Cully (Gaijin Studios) Hamner and Billy (X-23/Marvel Knights) Tan!


For Every 25 Copies Ordered, Retailers Will Receive One Marc Silvestri Cover As A Limited Glow-In-The-Dark Edition At No Extra Cost!

RED SONJA #4 FREE RRP ED. INCENTIVE (See Your Store for Details)

Retailers Who Order The Same Quantity Of Red Sonja #4 As They Did Of Red Sonja #2 Will Receive One Marc Silvestri RRP Edition At No Extra Cost!

RED SONJA #4 FIERY RED FOIL EDITION (See Your Store for Details)

The First Red Sonja Fiery Red Foil Cover Sold Out, And The 2nd And 3rd One Have Sold Out On Advance Orders!

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Dynamite Entertainment is a premier licensor and innovative publisher of the comic industry's key and most popular comics including the Army of Darkness, Jim Starlin's Cosmic Guard, The Re-Animator, Eduardo Risso's Borderline, Fulu, Parquee Chas, Lectures Macabre and the #1 selling title in April of '05, Red Sonja.

More information about the company can be found online at http://www.dynamiteentertainment.com.

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