Marc Guggenheim to write <i>Action Comics</i>

With War of the Supermen looming, DC Comics has announced yet another change for the Man of Steel: Writer Marc Guggenheim will take the reins of the flagship Action Comics.

Guggenheim, who has written The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive for DC, The Amazing Spider-Man and Blade for Marvel and the creator-owned Resurrection for Oni Press, is perhaps best known his work on TV series like FlashForward and Eli Stone and the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

Although he'll be starting his Action Comics run as all of the Superman comics are embroiled in a major he crossover, Guggenheim says he hopes to take the title "back to the basics."

"I really want Action to be pure, classic Superman," he tells Splash Page. For the last year, Superman has been off on New Krypton and it's been a major change to his status quo. I'm hoping that by the end of the War of Supermen event I'll be able to tell some true and classic Superman stories."

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