Marauders Reveals Wolverine's Shopping List - and It's Perfect

Marauders Wolverine Shopping List

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Marauders #1, by Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli, Federico Blee, VC's Cory Petit and Tom Muller, on sale now.

There are lots of benefits of living in the new mutant sanctuary set up up on Krakoa that was established in House of X. While most of Marvel's mutants find themselves welcoming a new sense of security and community and functional immortality, a few characters hare having some trouble making adjustments to their old lives and old habits, with some sacrifices being easier than others.

And in Marauders #1, Wolverine gives Kitty, now going by Kate, Pryde a shopping list of items to bring him as she sales around the world to Krakoa.

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Kitty's Delivery Service

Wolverine is one of the many mutants who has found a home on Krakoa. As such, the majority of the sustenance available to him has to be naturally grown through Krakoa. This means there are certain things that just don't grow on the island. Even though Wolverine does have access to a number of teleportation areas around the island, he's going to likely be way too busy being on multiple X-Men teams to make the trip himself. So, this is why he asked Kitty bring him some necessary supplies from home while she is sailing to the island.

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For still-unknown reasons, Kitty has been revealed to be the only mutant incapable of going through the teleportation gates created and maintained by Krakoa.. This leads a despondent Kitty to steal a boat so she can try and sail her way across the sea to reach the island on her own terms. Depressed about the entire situation and how it's created at least some form of divide with the rest of the team, Kitty even liberally helps herself to the alcohol stores that she's bringing to Krakoa. She ends up spending most of the issue at least some level of tipsy -- even when fighting Russians to protect young mutant refugees. However, there's plenty of extra liquor on the boat for her, thanks to Wolverine's shopping list.

The Shopping List

The list is perfectly in-character for Wolverine. If anything, it proves that the cloned version of the characters that are made after their deaths are indeed the real people who they were beforehand, The very first thing on the list is a large assortment of ribs from the (very real) Memphis restaurant Rendezvous, which are even shipped to Kitty so she doesn't have to make the trip all the way to the middle of the country. There's also a request for cool of Cubano sandwiches from the Wine Cellar in the Village, a famous spot from real-life downtown New York City. Logan also asks for the hold of the boat to be full up with cases of whiskey and beer.

Logan also reveals that he's trying to convince Doug Ramsey to plant some coffee beans on Krakoa. But for the time being, Logan will have to deal with ground coffee that Kitty brings with her. It turns out that Logan got Forge to create a solar-powered coffee machine, but he still needs the coffee itself to actually get a cup of joe. He even reveals the most secret piece of his daily routine: using Dapper Dude pomade on his hair. He specifically requests that Kitty keep that secret, which is just adorable. Plus, that particular revelation confirms how Logan gets his distinctive hair horns to stay in place.

While Pryde will be making numerous trips to and from the island for the Hellfire Trading Company, it's not clear if she'll be fulfilling Wolverine's shopping list regularly, or if this was just a one-time deal.

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