Marauders #2 Cover Gives Emma Frost a New Look, and an Old Ally

emma frost

One of the new X-Men titles announced for post-House of X and Powers of X is Marauders, by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli, which will follow Captain Kate Pryde and the Hellfire Trading Company, as well as Marauders Storm, Pyro, Bishop and Iceman as they sail the seas to help mutants in need.

With her strong Hellfire Club connections, it comes as little surprise that Emma Frost is also involved in the new title, but the cover for Issue #2 features her paired up with an unlikely ally: Sebastian Shaw.


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While Shaw and Frost have worked together in the past, their relationship wasn't exactly friendly. While working as the Hellfire Club's White Queen, Emma was subjected to Shaw's abuse until she broke free to realize her dream of teaching mutant children. Shaw has appeared in several X-Men stories since Frost joined the team, often serving as her antagonist, and their relationship culminated in X-Men Black: Emma Frost when Emma took down Shaw and assumed her place as the Black King of the Hellfire Club -- a role she's remained in throughout Uncanny X-Men. However, after House of X and Powers of X make their mark on the mutant world, it looks like she won't be holding onto that title.

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Frost also appears to have a new look, draped in white feathers and a matching evening gown as opposed to her Black King attire, and her hair is noticeably shorter. Most notably, she seems rather friendly with Shaw, which begs the question of what happened to make these two enemies work together again? If the solicitation text is any clue, it appears the pair are continuing their game of cat and mouse, playing each other to get what they want.


  • Gerry Duggan (W) • Matteo Lolli (A)
  • Cover by Russell Dauterman
  • The Hellfire Trading Company has control of Mutant trade on the seas… but that doesn’t mean its Inner Circle is done stabbing one another in the back. As Captain Pryde and her Marauders sail on, the real cutthroats are back home…

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Marauders #2, by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli, goes on sale in November from Marvel Comics.

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