ManOfAction.tv launches, home for Kelly, Casey, Rouleau and Seagle

ManOfAction.tv launches, home for Kelly, Casey, Rouleau and Seagle

Official Press Release

This transmission is to alert you that www.manofaction.tv, the OFFICIAL MAN OF ACTION WEBSITE, is on-line and fully operational.

MAN OF ACTION is a development/production company with one sole mission: To save the world through the creation and execution of devastatingly kickass KILLER ENTERTAINMENT.

Log on to www.manofaction.tv, and you will find:

-- Dispatches regarding MOA NEWS in Film, Television, Video Games, Comic Books, and toys, UPCOMING EVENTS, and NEW RELEASES. ON-LINE NOW: Which MOA is playing at the world famous WHISKY A GO GO next month?!? Who went to WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO and smuggled out the PHOTOS to prove it…?!?

-- The TOP SECRET PROJECTS section containing ORIGINAL CONTENT. If you happen to be a producer, director, or benevolent millionaire, you'll find contact info so you can BUY OPTION BUY PRODUCE BUY…!

-- A direct link to each MAN OF ACTION'S personal DOSSIER, including their BIO, ARCHIVES, personal messages, CONTACT E-MAIL, and features such as Joe Casey's CRASH COMMENTS REDUX…

-- THIS WEEKS HOT FILE, an exclusive transmission form our top agents: JOE CASEY'S FULL SCRIPT for X-MEN: CHILDREN OF THE ATOM, Issue #1.

Lastly, everyone who registers with the MAILING LIST or GUEST BOOK will be updated regularly about MOA activities, and be eligible for MOA CHAOS CONTESTS! THIS MONTH'S CONTEST: One lucky Operative will be chosen at random to receive 4 SIGNED COMIC BOOK MAKE READIES - One from each MOA AGENT. (For those of you who may not know, A MAKE READY is an uncut, unbound comic book sent to the publisher before final release to the stands.) YOU CANNOT buy these items in stores! Register with the mailing list TODAY to enter!

As always, thank you for your diligence and kind support… This message will self destruct in 30 seconds…

MAN OF ACTION: FOUR VISIONS focused through ONE LENS with deadly creative accuracy.

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