Manhunter #35

Story by
Art by
Carlos Magno, Michael Gaydos
Colors by
Jose Villarrubia
Letters by
Sal Cipriano
Cover by
DC Comics

Previously in "Manhunter", Kate Spencer -— Manhunter -— found her way to Ciudad Juarez while trying to track down the cause of the disappearance of dozens of women in the Mexico-Texas border region. Her investigation leads her into a factory tied to Vesetech, a pharmaceutical corporation that has its fingers in more than just the prescription medicine pie. After a showdown with the Suicide Squad last issue, this issue picks up mere moments after the final page of issue #34.

Having discovered the hidden developments at the Vesetech compound, Manhunter finds herself facing down the combined might of the Crime Doctor's experimental metahuman subjects. The range of subjects carry powers and abilities from a variety of DC Universe metahumans — as well as abilities that haven't been common in the DCU.

The other major thread investigated in this issue sees the further development of the Dylan Battles storyline, with his seeming disappearance apparently linked to his past as a lackey of the Clown Prince of Crime. Dylan's paramour, and Kate Spencer's former college roommate —- Cameron Chase —- gets pulled further into that storyline with a revealing subplot that is certain to throw some complications into future issues of the title.

Gaydos and Magno share a similar quality in their work, and the issue flows through both artists' efforts seemlessly enough. Nothing really sparkled for either at any point, and nothing really failed either. This issue was dark, gritty, and grim, and that's what both artists gave the reader.

In all, this issue advances the continuing "Forgotten" saga, but doesn't really feel like a complete building block in this storyline. That said, it does still provide an enjoyable read and serves to provide a peek into the mindset of Manhunter, should this issue be the first issue a new reader picks up. If a new reader did start here, however, the peek is about all the reader would see, as they would undoubtedly be overwhelmed by the wide range of DCU touched upon in the pages here.

I look forward to the sixth issue of this storyline next month, but almost feel as though I'm beginning to look beyond it, waiting to see what the future holds for Kate Spencer and company.

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