Mangog: Why the Thor Villain is One of Marvel's Strongest Characters

Mangog Thor

One of the oldest Thor villains, the Mangog, has also been one of the most dangerous for 50 years as he's battled the Asgardian Avenger in the Marvel Universe. The last of an ancient extraterrestrial race who laucnheda failed invasion of Asgard, Mangog is powered by pure hate and is a threat far more powerful than the Asgardians, including Thor, and one of the strongest beings in the entire Marvel Universe.

As the last foe battled by Jane Foster during her tenure as the new Thor, Mangog has also left a major impression on the modern Marvel Universe too. Now, CBR is taking a look back through Magog's  history, his most powerful moments and his ultimate defeat.

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Mangog was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1968's Thor #154 as the last of his race, imprisoned deep under Asgard after his invasion of the realm was thwarted by Odin long ago. Described as being powered by the hatred of a billion billion beings, the troll Ulik frees Mangog to help him destroy Asgard only for the monster to pummel him before turning his attention to his former captors. It is then revealed that Mangog is actually a living prison for the rest of his race, who was freed by Odin and nullifying his powers for a time.

Mangog is later revived by Loki, drawing his strength from the Asgardians themselves severely weakening them. Intent on destroying the entire universe, Mangog seeks to draw the Odinsword from its scabbard and bring about the end of all existence as he faces Thor in a series of fights, outmatching him each time. Ultimately, Thor frees an imprisoned Odin and the two Asgardians defeat Mangog once again.


Significantly more powerful than Thor, Mangog is not just capable of immense strength and endurance but is adept at a variety of magical abilities including energy projection and shape-shifting, the latter technique Mangog used to impersonate Odin in an attempt to wield the Odinsword. His impressive powers have led to be work with a variety of Marvel villains including Thanos.

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While Thor has managed to defeat Mangog on a handful of occasions, usually having to tap directly into the omnipotent potential of the Odinforce itself, as long as hate exists in the universe, so does the Mangog. The creature growing more powerful as hate grows and festers across the cosmos leading to another inevitable confrontation with his own most despised enemies, the Asgardians.

So long as he's connected to the energies that feed him, it's tough to put an exact figure on the upper limits of Mangog's power. While he can be defeated, he's gone toe-to-toe with Odin, who is unquestionably one of the stronger cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe.


Annoyed by the Asgardians, the Shi'ar summoned a being heralded as their ultimate doom and unwittingly unleashing the Mangog on the cosmos once again. After killing the Odinson's beloved goat Gnasher, Mangog cut a new path of destruction across the universe, defeating all in his path including Volstagg of the Warriors Three, who was now powered by Ultimate Mjolnir and referring to himself as the formidable War Thor.

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After annihilating Asgard despite the All-Father and All-Mother's best efforts, Mangog turns his attention to the current wielder of Mjolnir, Jane Foster. After overpowering Jane in a protracted battle, Thor is forced to bind Mangog to Mjolnir through Gleipnir, the mythical chains that held the monstrous Fenris, and fling him and the hammer deep into the Sun, which apparently destroyed both Mjolnir and Mangog. However, given Mangog's immortality, his latest defeat will likely only be temporary, so long as hatred exists in the universe, and it's only a matter of time that the fearsome villain resurfaces to torment the Asgardians once more.

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