Manga publisher up for sale at rock-bottom price

Attention all you fans who think you know more about the manga industry than the publishers: Here is your big chance. A Southern California manga publisher is up for sale for a measly $300,000—and that includes inventory valued at $338,461. Informed speculation on the web is that this is Aurora Publishing, which has been known to be having financial issues lately. The announcement states that "This company was founded in 2006 as the wholly owned subsidiary of one of the Japanese manga power houses." Aurora is indeed a subsidiary of the Japanese company Ohzora, and it is located in Torrance, California, although it began publishing in 2007, not 2006. Interestingly, Aurora just removed all its manga from the Netcomics online comics site. Aurora's main manga line is kind of meh, and their sexy LuvLuv series was probably out of sync with American tastes, but their yaoi imprint, Deux, was well loved by fans for its quality and content, and they will be missed.

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