Which Manga Should You Read Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Type?

There's so much manga out there, it can often be difficult to choose which story to pick up next — especially if you're new to the genre and aren't sure what you'll enjoy. Thankfully, taking a quick look at your personality type can determine which manga you should read next. After all, if the characters and story jibe with your personality traits, it makes sense that you'd enjoy falling into that specific world.

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And with so many manga out there right now, there really is one for every type of person — whether you’re into more competitive and ambitious characters, more reserved idealists, or something in between.

So, which manga should you read based on your Myers-Briggs® type?

10 ENFJ - The Protagonist: My Hero Academia

The ENFJ personality type, also dubbed The Protagonist, is defined by passion. Protagonist types are typically altruistic and ambitious, and they often are motivated by the powerful ideals they hold onto.

And if any manga characters fit the description of ENFJ types, it's the students from My Hero Academia. U.A. High is full of aspiring heroes who have strong visions of what they want for themselves — and what they want to do for others — so it'd be easy for ENFJ readers to relate to them. Most notably, Deku and Bakugo, the two characters at the forefront of the story, seem to fit the ENFJ category well.

9 ENTJ - The Commander: Attack On Titan

ENTJ personality types are referred to as Commanders, and that's due to their tendency toward leadership. Commanders are all about achieving their goals,

If you've ever picked up Attack on Titan, you'll agree that the manga and anime would be a good fit for ENTJ personalities. Characters like Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and Erwin are all working toward the common goal of ridding the world of the Titans — and due to that, they've all developed undeniable leadership skills in the process.

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8 INFJ - The Advocate: Mob Psycho 100

Those with INFJ personality types (Advocates) are rare, and they're usually pretty quiet to boot. On the inside, however, they have strong morals and tend to be idealists

Advocates looking for a quiet main character whose morals drive the story forward should consider picking up Mob Psycho 100. Although Mob is a reserved kid, he's clearly guided by a belief system based on morality — and he does seem to be pretty idealistic deep down.

7 ISTJ - The Logistician: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Logisticians, or those with ISTJ personalities, are dedicated individuals who use logic to make decisions and achieve their goals.

When playing a card game like Yu-Gi-Oh!, you need to be capable of planning practical moves — and to reach the level of a character like Yugi, you’d have to be pretty committed to your goal. This is why Logisticians would likely enjoy reading the manga version of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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6 ESFJ - The Consul: Fullmetal Alchemist

People with the ISFJ personality type — also referred to as The Consul — tend to be social creatures, with a knack for helping others and making themselves more well liked in the process.

The Elric brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist also have a tendency to make friends during their travels, usually stopping to solve whatever problem a town is facing at any given time.

5 ISTP - The Virtuoso: Death Note

People with an ISTP personality type (Vistuosos) depend on logic to make decisions, but their choices are often considered mysterious to those around them. That's because ISTP personalities are difficult to predict, and they often want to experience more than the average human being. And while they have an unpredictable nature that can be exciting, it can also have a darker side.

Extremely rational, curious, and unpredictable are traits that certainly describe Light, the main character of Death Note. And while most ISTP types won't necessarily relate to Light's detached killing throughout the series, his character does offer an interesting perspective when it comes to using logic to achieve an ends.

4 INFP - The Mediator: Erased

INFP personalities, or Mediators, have much in common with Advocates. They also tend to be quiet idealists, though Mediators also strive to help others — and to dig up the good inside of just about anyone.

Mediators would probably enjoy reading Erased, which follows a young man who wishes he could have done more when his friends were abducted as children. And he gets that opportunity when he finds himself thrown back in time, able to solve the mystery with years’ worth of knowledge. And not only does the main character of Erased match well with the qualities of Mediators, but the story itself is also extremely poetic — something Mediators tend to enjoy or be.

3 ESFP - The Entertainer: Naruto

Entertainers, or those with ESFP personality types, tend to be curious and loyal, although they do also act on impulse fairly often. They’re big on immediate satisfaction, sometimes making it hard for them to form long-term plans in advance.

Entertainers would enjoy picking up Naruto, if only for its lead character, who strives to gain acclaim from others — often acting first and thinking later (though it does seem to work out for him).

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2 ISFP - The Adventurer: Hunter x Hunter

People who fall into the ISFP personality type, or Adventurers, are creative types who enjoy pushing back against convention. And Adventurers looking for a sprawling and unique adventure story can find it in Hunter x Hunter’s manga.

As Adventurers also tend to be fans of the aesthetically pleasing, they’ll probably appreciate the manga’s art style — and they’ll definitely enjoy the colorful anime adaptation.

1 INTJ - The Architect: Akame Ga Kill

Architects, or those with INTJ personality types, are some of the rarest individuals out there. They tend to be both pessimists and dreamers, which seems like an odd combination — but with their ambition added to the equation, it’s a setup that works well for producing change.

And given that Akame Ga Kill is full of characters who want to change their world for the better — albeit not always through the most honorable means — the manga would certainly appeal to Architects.

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