Manga Before Flowers - Manga Pick of the Week, no fools!

There is no column this week (I worked all weekend in my local comic bookstore and haven't been feeling so hot yesterday and today) so instead I'm sending everyone to read Mely's brilliant explanation of why adult women who should know better still enjoy the teenage-angst-ridden (or is that whole statement redundant?) antics of Vampire Knight (beware spoilers for volume 4!) here.

I seriously *heart* Vampire Knight, I don't care how ridiculous the whole thing is. And now I can wave away the last of my shojo-shame, as I've stripped bare in front of you all and revealed my crippling lack of taste.


Here Manga Recon covers other manga releases (but what could you possibly need to buy after romantic-looking male teenage vampires and doltish-but-pretty teenage girls have brightened your otherwise, one assumes, lackluster day?).

See you all next week where I hope to have something brilliant to say...or I might just complain about recent manga publishers shenanigans! (Perhaps even not so recent shenanigans....)

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