Manga Before Flowers -- Is CMX next?

With the cancellation of DC's MINX line, Dirk Deppey at journalista asks if we should start a "deathwatch" for CMX and I thought I would see what you all think -- is the death of CMX a real possibility?

CMX launched in 2005 (a year before MINX was announced I believe) and their books aren't known for pulling great sales figures.  Recently, though, it seems as though their releases have slowed (less books are getting put out each month and certain titles like From Eroica with Love and Swan have been delayed almost 9 months or even a year, which is not cool).  Obviously the slowing economy could be playing a factor, but so could bad sales in general.  The death of CMX would mean the cancellation of a great many and very special shojo titles and that would make some us very, very sad. 

Of course, every time I mention CMX on this blog someone notes they never even knew the imprint even existed...which tells you quite a bit about DC's marketing "strategy."  Also the whole "DC edits Tenjho Tenge" controversy has been done to death so let's skip it if all possible, shall we?).

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