Manga Before Flowers -- Danielle Will Tell You What To Read!

One of the things I first did when I joined the blog (after introducing myself, of course) was make a three-part post of manga recommendations for adults (assuming, of course, that would be of greatest interest to this crowd).  But that was a while ago and I figured since I'm always telling MarkAndrew what to read (we live in the same town which has a library with an insane gn / manga collection) and very often he even likes the books I tell him about!  (Sometimes he reads manga titles I don't tell him about, and while I don't recommend not listening to me, he's stubborn, that one).

Since the whole conversation has come up again about getting your "special lady" to read the comics *you like* (based on the assumption only men read comics), instead of the comics women might like, I'd thought I'd turn the tables and see if I can make recommendations to folks who need a new manga title to read, or would simply like to try out manga out for the first time.   (See commentary by manga bloggers about this issue of "tricking" your girlfriend into liking your comics here, here, and here).

So, tell me anything -- you like stories that focus on x, you don't like stories that have y.   Actually, if you can, go ahead give me three key words.  And I'll try my best to give you a recommendation or two that suits your taste.  Or you can claim that you'll never like manga, EVER!!!!!, no matter what I do, get off my lawn you damn kid!, and I'll still try to find something for you.  Because I'm nothing if not singleminded when it comes to manga.

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