Manga Before Flowers -- Creator Rights & Fan Responsibility

Just wanted to update with a pointer to a very interesting post by David Welsh over at his blog Precocious Curmudgeon. He draws together two discussions occuring on the manga blog-o-sphere happening right now -- the Tokyopop "Pact" & the issue of fan translations of anime & manga -- in a very smart, and very significant, way here.

For the record, in my original discussion of fan translations I tended to be fairly positive about both the role of fans *and* U.S. media corporations but David's post has me re-examining some of that positivity about translated fanworks (obviously, the whole Tokyopop "Pact" mess made re-think my positivity about the other side of it as well). Maybe next week I'll continue my discussion of fanworks in light of these new developments (i.e. "I'm getting something. A headache with pictures...." / "An idea?" / "Uh...Yes!")

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