Manga Before Flowers -- Back to School Blues Day 2

Okay so the first day of school wasn't soooo bad...however, I'm still suffering a rather bad case of the "anywhere but here"s. How about you all?

Today's question -- what manga school setting would you like to attend?

I think I would enjoy attending Ouran High School since I have short brown hair, wear glasses, and was once called "sir" by a customer at my comic book shop (yeah, don't ask, I was even wearing a skirt that day), I could be Haruhi and stumble across my own harem of cute boys! This certainly is more appealing than joining the art school gang at Honey & Clover because eventually H&C will get you with some kind of nostalgia-oriented melancholy or something...and who feels nostalgic while they are actually slogging through school? Bah, on you Honey & Clover. Just be happy, you crazy young people!

So join in on the fun -- which school would you want (or wouldn't want) to attend?

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