Manga Before Flowers -- Back to School Blues DAY 1

In my area we are heading back to school this week and it already seems like it is going to be the hardest week ever all over again. And then I thought, oohhh! Manga always make school seem like so much fun! Or potentially life threatening! So every day this week I'm going to pick a manga with a school setting and talk a little bit about the awesome.

This is also part of "Danielle's back to school survival strategy" -- i.e. talking about fun things! Won't you come along and join the discussion?

1. After School Nightmare (published by Go! Comi). ASN reminds us that high school can be the ultimate head trip, as every day can be a battle for *psychological* survival. Go! Comi was kind enough to send me the 8th volume to review, but all I can say is that the series remains strong, head-trippy and heart-rendering. Imagine your high school self battling out your worst fears in a dreamscape where the rest of your class can see your soul laid bare. And then imagine the person you love is in that dreamscape often seeing you at your absolute worst. And sometimes provoking the worst out of you. Man, high school's a bitch. Aren't we all glad we're done with all that? (And this is the thought that will keep me sane through day 1!)

So what manga must we absolutely talk about if we are taking about school-oriented titles? Drop by and let us know which titles we should talk about this week!

Possible suggestions:

Paradise Kiss

Azumanga Daioh

Honey & Clover

Venus in Love

Fruits Basket

My Heavenly Hockey Club

Vampire Knight

High School Girls

Drifting Classroom


Flower of Life

Ouran High School Host Club

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