Mandeville And Top Cow Target <i>Crosshair</i>

Mandeville Films closed a deal over the weekend to adapt Crosshair, the upcoming Top Cow comic about a former assassin turned devoted father who discovers he's been programmed to kill the President.

Officially announced during Comic-Con International, Crosshair is part of the publisher's "Pilot Season" initiative in which readers vote on which of six one-shots will continue as ongoing series. The title is set for October release.

Here's the official description for the comic, which was created by Marc Silvestri, written by Jeff Katz and penciled by Allan Jefferson: "After settling into the life of loving husband and devoted father in the suburbs, a former assassin for the CIA learns he’s been brainwashed to kill the President of the United States. To his horror, Justin Weller has discovered that in less than 48 hours something or someone will trigger his suppressed program and send him into deadly and irreversible action. Weller must discover his triggering mechanism and uncover who is behind the conspiracy that will pitch the world into chaos."

Mandeville partners David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman will produce Crosshair, with Katz co-producing for Top Cow. Silvestri, Mandeville's David Manpearl and Top Cow President Matt Hawkins will executive produce.

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