The Mandalorian: 5 Things We Know About The Wee Baby Yoda’s Species (& 5 We’re Still Curious About)

With its launch, Disney+ has introduced Star Wars fans and people across the globe to something they never knew was missing from their lives. The wee baby Yoda. Okay, the baby may not be Yoda, hell, they might not even be male for all viewers of The Mandalorian know, but this little force-sensitive scamp is someone that viewers across the globe have instantly fallen in love with. Much like the titular Mandalorian himself.

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There are certainly questions surrounding the appearance of the wee baby Yoda, but that’s a common trait among their species as a whole. The entire species is such a mystery, in fact, that no one actually knows what their species is even called. So, without further ado, let’s get down to what is actually known about the mysterious little green ones, and what fans still need some answers to. Spoilers for The Mandalorian ahead.

10 Where They’re From (Unknown)

One of the many mysteries that surround the Yoda Jr., along with the rest of his species is from where exactly they originate. While there is nothing in the Star Wars canon that gives viewers any hint at where the wee baby Yoda may have come from, there are a few things that fans have been let in on over the years. Mainly, that Yoda has purposefully hidden the whereabouts of his homeworld from both the Jedi Council and the rest of the galaxy far, far away. This means that it’s possible that both Yoda and the baby Yoda may not even originate from the galaxy Star Wars fans have come to know and love.

9 They Are Very Rare In The Galaxy Far, Far Away

Yaddle Star Wars

Perhaps one of the many reasons that so little is known about the little green men and women that Yoda and lil Yod find themselves amongst (besides George Lucan and Yoda specifically keeping it secret) is because of the fact that there are just so few of them within the Star Wars canon.

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In fact, with the introduction of the wee baby Yoda, that brings their numbers (in canon) up to a whopping three members. While it is certain that there are, in fact, more of them out talking in riddles and basking in the will of the force, just how many is something that’s still unknown.

8 What They’re Called (Unknown)


Anyone reading through this article may have come to the realization that every time Yoda’s species has been referred to, they’ve been referred to as exactly that, Yoda’s species. It’s not due to a lack of research or a lack of trying. The simple fact is that Yoda’s species is so mysterious that even the members of the Jedi council refer to them as “Yoda’s Species”. Yoda, and his accomplice of the Jedi council, Yaddle, have both done a splendid job of covering up pretty much everything about their origins and their species.

7 They Are A Very, Very Old Race


While fans of Star Wars don’t know much at all about the species that birthed Yoda, Yaddle and the wee baby Yoda, there is some information that has slipped through in the many years since A New Hope was released. Perhaps one of the most vital pieces of information fans are aware of is that Yoda’s species is very, very old. They are, in fact, possibly one of the very first species to have developed consciousness and civilization. If that is the case, it’s understandable why they’re so good at keeping a low profile

6 Why They Are So Powerful In The Force (Unknown)

While there are many mysterious surrounding Yoda and his mysterious species, one of the things that have been made abundantly clear time and time again is that this species knows how to wield the force expertly. Although he is merely a baby (even at fifty years old), the wee baby Yoda is still capable of some pretty incredible feat with the help of the force (as fans may have seen in the second episode of The Mandalorian). What still remains a mystery, however, is just why exactly this species is able to wield the force to such great effect.

5 The Three (In Canon) Members We’re Aware Of

Star Wars has spent decades exploring the vast reaches of the galaxy far, far away. Yet, in all that time, in all the galaxy, fans have only been introduced to three members of the species with no name. Fans know Yoda, of course, one of the greatest Jedi masters to have ever lived.

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Joining him on the Jedi council was the only other member of his species that fans had been introduced to until the revelation at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian, Yaddle. Both of whom were clearly very gifted in the ways of the force. And while the wee baby Yoda may have just been introduced, it’s already clear that he takes after the only two members of his species that fans have been introduced to.

4 When They Reach Maturity (Unknown)

While there is so much that is left a mystery when it comes to Yoda and the rest of his species, fans do have a general idea of how long they live. And may even have a general idea of when they might reach maturity. First, fans know that Yoda (perhaps with the aid of the force) dies at the ripe old age of 900. Secondly, fans are now aware that at the age of fifty, the wee baby Yoda looks to be somewhere around one year old (in human years). But perhaps the most important bit of information, when it comes to their aging, is that Yoda became a Jedi mast when he was just one hundred years old. Using this information, fans can deduce that either the wee baby Yoda has much growing up to do in the next fifty years, or Yoda was an exceptionally talented toddler.

3 They Age Very Slowly

As previously mentioned, whether it be with the aid of the force or not, Yoda and the rest of his species age incredibly slowly. Yoda managed to tough it out for over nine centuries. And while the is admirable enough, the wee baby Yoda has remained a nearly helpless infant for over fifty years, which could perhaps provide some insight as to why exactly Yoda and Yaddle have kept a tight lid on where they’re from.

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If every one of their brothers and sisters not only remains an infant for fifty years but also a parent to an infant for even longer, then it’s reasonable to assume that (among many other reasons) they are protecting the youngest among them, the younglings who remains nearly helpless for about a century of their lives.

2 Are There Any Darkside Users Among Them? (Unknown)


Of the two members of Yoda’s species that fans are aware have reached maturity, both have taken positions among the highest-ranked Jedi masters of the order. This means that either Yoda and Yaddle are either very talented members among their ranks, who both happened to be drawn to the light, or their species as a whole is both powerful and has an affinity for the lighter side of the force. Even in the extended universe (legends) which is currently (mostly) not considered canon, there are less than a handful of Yoda’s peers. All of whom have chosen to become Jedi Masters. Which begs the question, are they, as a species, exclusively drawn to the light? 

1 The Sub-Brain

star wars yoda

While fans may not have any answers when it comes to why exactly the unnamed species is so incredibly gifted with the force, there are some hints in their anatomy that could explain. Unlike the humans they surround themselves with, Yoda and Yaddle are not limited to only one brain. Their brains also contain something called a sub-brain which, when activated, helps them to gain a more clear image of the future through the use of the force. This may seem like a bit of a biological hack, but it’s certainly served Yoda well.

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