Man With No Name: The Good The Bad And The Uglier #2

MGM's "Man with no Name" trilogy is a modern masterpiece of cinema and now, the legend comes to life once again as the next new series from Dynamite!

Starring the ultimate anti-hero, and under the helm of writer Christos (New Avengers: The Initiative) Gage and artist Wellington Dias, MAN WITH NO NAME: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLIER #1 follows in the powerful wake of such Dynamite titles as The Lone Ranger and Zorro in its faithful and successful genre-defining Western comics!

Picking up from issue #1, Blondie is en route to the Mission when he encounters some Confederate deserters who try to rob him! Fighting them off, he finds that the Mission is being defended by the rag-tag group of wounded soldiers that were being treated within, but their supplies are meager and they can't possibly hold out long. Will Blondie make it in time to fulfill his oath? Featuring series covers by Richard (Dark Tower) Isanove!

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