Man-Thing, Superman, Hellboy, Watchmen: February 5th Comic Reel Wrap


A scooper who would like to remain anonymous sent in this exclusive first look at Man-Thing, due out this fall. "Saw a rough cut of Man Thing the other week, and although it was not finished, it is pretty dam impressive. It looks like a 100 million dollar movie. Brett Leonard has created a fun, fast paced scary movie, full of suspense and stunning visuals. The Man Thing creature and special make-up effects, created by Make-up Effects Group, look awesome. As does the cinematography and visual effects. The cast give strong performances, and the movie will deliver ... Beware Swamp Thing ..."


The rumors keep on coming. Superman-V.com has a source claiming Bruce Willis is being discussed for the role of Lex Luthor. "They'll give McG his choice for Superman," their source says, "but Warners will demand a couple of marquee names in prominent roles. They'll want a Brando and Hackman." When asked about Johnny Depp rumors, the source replied, "The real surprise would be if Depp's name hasn't been brought up!" Like any good thinking person, they called Willis' agents at Creative Artists Agency, the ones who shot down the idea of Beyonce as Lois Lane, who said, "Nothing to report on this at this time."


The Prague set was particularly thrilling for star Ron Perlman, who told Sci Fi Wire that he injured himself while doing a stunt. "I broke a rib jumping onto a train that was coming towards me. It was going about 45 [mph]. I do [stunts whenever] somebody says, 'This is safe, Ron, I think you can do this.'"


A scooper emailed Cinescape to say that "Aliens" vet Sigourney Weaver will play the role of the Silk Spectre and Daniel Craig ("Tomb Raider," "Road to Perdition") will be Rorshach.


Oooh, Clark has a girlfriend -- or so it seems in this new image from Devoted to Smallville. The site also offers a Windows Media trailer from "Velocity" and thirty-nine screen caps for those not down with the WMV.


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