Man-Thing, Smallville, Fantastic Four, Justice League: August 24 Comic Reel Wrap


Is it possible Marvel and New Line are reluctant to let you see their "Man-Thing?" According to Filmjerk's Early Report Lions Gate and Marvel Studios have taken the low-budget comic book adaptation of off their 2004 schedule and declared its release date "to be announced."


The eight-hundred pound gorilla of fansites, Kryptonsite, chimes in again to say that the schedule of episodes has remixed itself, with "Facade" being the third episode that'll air this season, and "Devoted" showing fourth. Their spoilers page has all the gory details.


Start spreadin da' news! According to a source at Superhero Hype "20th Century Fox will film parts of Fantastic Four in New York this September." The Comic Reel sincerely hopes all of the BIg Apple's eyes will look favorably on the shoot ... and email us with all the dirty details.

Meanwhile, Hollywood North Report talks about the shooting, which allegedly has already begun. "20th Century Fox's 'Fantastic Four' production began shooting at Vancouver Film Studios, Building 'B' yesterday. Inside the soundstage, as part of a massive set-piece, the production team has recreated a portion of New York's famous Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge segment has been erected to scale, and is purportedly sturdy enough to support a number of vehicles that will be featured in a major action sequence that takes place in the film's first act. 'The Fantastic Four' is scheduled for a July 25th 2005 release."


The Huntress is a scientist it seems -- Comics Continuum reports that "Angel" actress Amy Acker (the mousy "Fred" who became the fearsome "Illyria") will bring Gotham City's brutal midriff-baring vigilante to life. The episode in question, "Double Date," is written by CBR veteran and comics scribe Gail Simone, and features not just the Huntress but also The Question, Green Arrow and Black Canary (the Comic Reel originally broke the news from San Diego).


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