Man proposes by giving his (Iron Man arc reactor) heart to girlfriend

Little did Sarah Carter know when she began referring to her modding-junkie boyfriend Eddie Zarick as "Tony Stark" after he created an arc reactor replica that she was laying the groundwork for her marriage proposal.

When it came time to pop the question, Zarick simply -- "simply"! -- redesigned the arc reactor heart to present Carter with her engagement ring. "I made it smaller, and more detailed. I laser cut and cnc routed all of the parts and slowly starting building the basic shell," he explained on his blog. "My idea was to use two servos controlled by and arduino. At first I was not sure how to light it up, but I had some of AdaFruit’s RGB LED Strip laying around from a pinball project. So I cut off enough to go around the reactor and used the arduino to control that as well! Also added a couple of bright white LEDs to hit the ring once it comes out."

To Wired he added: "I took her out to the beach one night in the back if my Jeep and told her I had a early Christmas gift for her, I gave her the box, and inside was the reactor. It was at night so it really shined bright and she was amazed. But once I pushed the button and the light show happened and the ring came out, she was speechless and crying.”

Check out video of the arc reactor in action below.

(via Wired)

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