<i>Man On A Ledge</i> Trailer Only Looks A Little Like <i>Phone Booth</i>

It's weird seeing Sam Worthington with hair, right? Between Avatar and Clash of the Titans (I haven't seen The Debt), I've gotten pretty used to seeing that guy with nothing on top.

So there's a debut trailer up for Man on a Ledge, in which Worthington stars as a former cop who has turned to a life of crime. If any of you are familiar with Phone Booth, the 2002 action-thriller starring Colin Farrell, this movie looks a lot like that one once you replace the titular booth with the titular ledge. Except for that whole heist bit. Great cast for this one, with Worthington joined by Elizabeth Banks, Ed Harris and Edward Burns (among others). I'll check it out, even if it does look like the sky-high version of Phone Booth.

Directed by Asger Leth, Man on a Ledge opens Jan. 13.

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