Man of Steel, Wolverine, Dark Knight Rises: June 16th Comic Reel


As we reported here at CBR yesterday, Russell Crowe is in talks to play Jor-El in the film. I suppose I could see that. Will they do the disembodied head thing again? Meanwhile, the Man of Steel Facebook page cribbed a few notes from Production Weekly and learned offers are out to Henry Lennix for a "supporting role" and Connie Nielsen to play Lara. Wait. Russel Crowe and Connie Nielsen as Jor-El and Lara? It's a "Gladiator" reunion!

Release date: 2012


With the firm understanding that Wolverine is the best at what he does at the box office, James Mangold is about to enter negotiations to direct the character's second solo outing, according to Deadline. Mangold directed "3:10 to Yuma" and the recent Tom Cruise picture "Knight and Day." Hopefully, pre-production can pick up from where things were in March when Darren Aronofsky left the project. Mangold is a solid director who might not offer the flashiest "Wolverine" sequel, but certainly will deliver a watchable film with good performances. That's really all you need, right?

Release date: 2012?


Spinoff Online reports that [redacted] filmed a scene as [redacted] in London on Monday, giving credence to at least some rumors that [redacted.] If this is true, it's a big spoiler, so I've added extra precautions for this one. Click through if you don't mind knowing much more about this film that you really want.

Release date: July 20th, 2012


Mark Ruffalo confirms over Twitter (via Comic Book Movie) that the film is not being shot with special stereoscopic cameras. Responding to a fan, he writes, "AVengers is not being shot in 3D." Of course, the film can always be converted to 3D in post production. Continuing to chat about working the film, the actor later added, "Evan's and Hemsworth are jealous that I am that ripped and didn't have to go to the gym. It aint fair."

Directed by Joss Whedon & starring everybody, release date: May 4th, 2012


The cast and crew of the film appeared at a press conference recently and CBR was there. Writer/producer Greg Berlanti explained why they chose to start with Hal Jordan as the primary Lantern character. "For me as a comic book fan it was for two separate reasons: one was that Geoff Johns had really brought Hal Jordan back with 'Rebirth,'" he said. "And when you're sitting down and trying to honor the origin of the comic it felt like the right place to start, the Silver Age with Hal being the first Earthling to go and join the Corps."

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


Deadline reports that there will be no court case between The Weinstein Company and Relativity Media over the distribution rights to the property. The matter is still in arbitration, postponing any plans tentative star Bradley Cooper might have about putting on the make-up and taking out the bad guys.

Release date: TBA


And so, the first preview poster for the film arrives courtesy of iTunes (via Ain't It Cool News):

Directed by Andrew Stanton, release date: March 9th, 2012


According to Deadline, young actress Bailee Madison has joined the cast as Calista, "an otherworldly young girl raised by her stepdad Eagle, a man with powers. When Eagle's wife is murdered and he goes on the lam, Calista comes to stay with Walker and develops a bond with him." Considering how television became a dead-zone for comic based properties this year, I really hope "Powers" works out. It's a premise that lends itself well to the medium.

Airdate: TBA


The Onion has a good report on this upcoming movie about a guy and his ring:

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