'Man of Steel' to End in January, With Apokolips Sequel Special

DC Comics is doing some creative shuffling in January, trimming one of their four monthly Superman titles to pave the way for a new ongoing. But before that happens, Mark Schultz, writer of "Superman: Man of Steel," will be wrapping up his ongoing plots with a bang ... and a 48 page one shot.

The last issue of "Man of Steel" will be #134, on sale January 2. The 40 page issue, with art by Brandon Badeaux and Mark Morales, features Lois concerned that her husband is steadily spending more time as Superman and less as her husband Clark. In addition, Steel -- whom Schultz made an important secondary focus of the series during his tenure -- deals with the repercussions of the "Ending Battle" crossover story, leading him to put on the Entropy Armor. That, in turn, leads into Schultz's grand finale on the Superman books (at least for now), with a 48 page one shot special, "Superman/Darkseid: Apokolips Now," which is scheduled to be in stores on January 30.

In "Apokolips Now," the Superman Family -- including Supergirl, Superboy, Krypto and the Eradicator -- journey with Superman to Apokolips to battle the dark god Darkseid, who has trapped Steel in the Entropy Armor. Look for an appearance by Superman-killer Doomsday as well.

According to DC, Schultz has other projects in development, including the Pocket Books novel "Justice League of America: The Flash - Stop Motion," which is slated for a 2003 release.

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