Man of Steel: What Were Lois Lane's Last Words to Superman?

warning: the following article contains major spoilers for man of steel #6, by brian michael bendis, jason fabok, alex sinclair and josh reed, on sale now.

it's pretty obvious that a major cornerstone of brian michael bendis' initial superman story was the theme of family. this isn't exactly surprising, given this has been the character's direction since jon kent came into his and lois lane's life. in man of steel however, bendis takes it a step further, touching on his and supergirl's kryptonian heritage and, of course, legacy.

this comes full-circle with jor-el wanting to whisk jon away on a grandfather-grandson trip around the cosmos to teach him about his kryptonian half. but a major swerve comes in issue #6 when lois lane decides to go with them, explaining why she "left" clark at the beginning of bendis' story.

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but just before she leaves, she whispers something to her husband, which just might change the dynamic of the kent family, forever.

rewinding a bit, clark, or as his father's calling him, kal-el, is understandably reluctant for his family to depart, especially as he doesn't trust jor-el. the elder kryptonian does himself no favors, looking down on humanity as a primitive culture as he does. he exasperates things here by making it known to jon if he wants to fulfill his potential, he needs to embrace his alien half and leave the planet which limits him. in so doing, he'll become jor-el's true heir, perhaps even gaining the knowledge necessary to surpass clark as a hero.

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jon's enticed and has his heart set on going. it's because of this that lois, knowing he might end up resenting them if they disallow it, agrees to chaperone the trip which will see them explore space, learning of clark's destroyed homeworld and the ways of other species across the cosmos.

as she's about to leave in jor-el's spaceship though, she whispers something to clark which leads to him urging her home as soon as possible. jon's reaction is humorous, calling it awkward, hinting it might be two adults looking for some alone time when lois gets back. but though that might be funny, there's a strong possibility she just told him she's pregnant.

it's a bold theory, to be sure, but given how much bendis has hit on the concepts of dynasty and the house of el, it makes sense. not to mention, once jor-el finds out, it'll certainly spice up his relationship with the kents, as he doesn't believe lois is worthy of extending his bloodline. jor-el wants to control and groom all kryptonian kids, so adding yet another to the mix, much less another within his own family, well -- it could bring a lot more drama to the table.

one might have expected this to make clark even more unwilling over the decision for the family to head to space, but the fat is, he knows if anyone can pull off a space road-trip whilst being pregnant, it's his wife. plus, jon is accompanying her, and clark knows he can trust his son to protect his mother. there's also the fact that deep down, as shady as jor-el behaves, it seems clark truly does believe he won't let any harm befall his grandsons and daughter-in-law, especially after the destruction of krypton took his own blood away from him, namely his wife lara.

a baby could well be what helps jon mature into a disciplined teenage superhero, so fingers crossed clark finds a way to contact them. the fight against rogol zaar destroyed his communications tool to speak to his absentee family, but hopefully he finds a way to fix this fast.

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bendis co-created daniel cage (luke cage and jessica jones' daughter) for marvel, and from his work on takio we know he loves sibling rivalry, so we can't put it past him to expand the kent household. after all, the writer promised big things for them when he made the jump to dc, and this would be a very distinct way of leaving his mark on the superman mythos forever.

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