Bendis Destroys a Massive Part of Superman's History in Man of Steel #3

In The Man of Steel #3, this living, breathing memento has been destroyed by Rogol Zaar, a villain who has been exhibiting quite an obsession for eradicating any and all fragments of Kryptonian life. And, as it turns out, Rogol is pretty good at what he does.

While for the most part, Kandor may look like a lifeless snow globe sitting on the shelf just waiting for a cat to knock to the ground, it's actually filled with life, and has been used a plot device to drive Superman since the late 1950s. Originally, Kandor was shrunken and stolen from Krypton by the supervillain Brainiac years before the planet’s inevitable destruction. And while Kandor has seen various recons and alternate versions over the last few decades, what it means to Superman has never changed, even if it has been used for more nefarious purposes.

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Before Brian Michael Bendis took up the reins on Superman, Kandor was most recently featured in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. During the miniseries, the inhabitants of the shrunken city were brought back to full size by the Atom. Under normal circumstances, this would be cause for celebration, but the Kandorians were quickly turned against the people of Earth, forcing the Last Son of Krypton to fight alongside an aged Batman and Wonder Woman against the last of his people.

Now, Bendis has taken that storied history and literally shattered it to pieces. It’s a bold move, and one that definitely has Superman’s hackles up. Power plays like this keep pumping up what a threat Rogol Zaar truly is. This guy knows what Superman can do. He knows the power the Man of Steel possesses, but his reign of terror against Krypton clearly knows no bounds and will not be deterred even by Earth’s greatest guardian.

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If Rogol is cunning and swift enough to raid The Fortress of Solitude without getting caught, then what’s to stop him from doing the same to Clark Kent’s home? It’s a terrible notion, but one that must be considered. After all, Jon is half Kryptonian. If Rogol is trying to wipe out all history of the planet Krypton, why would he stop at Kandor? Yikes. Maybe Bendis really has crafted the most deadly Superman villain ever.

The next chapter in Brian Michael Bendis and Co.'s first Superman story continues next week, in Man of Steel #4, on sale June 20.

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