Man of Steel, Star Wars, Iron Man 3: January 30th Comic Reel


Beyond a few promotional shots and a brief look during the official trailer, fans haven't yet gotten a good look at Amy Adams' Lois Lane in "Man of Steel." However, the first official still of Lois Lane has been revealed, with the reporter embracing the modern era with a tablet in her grasp.

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Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the process of bringing "Star Trek Into Darkness" director J.J. Abrams on for "Star Wars," which included meeting with Abrams and delivering her succinct pitch: "Please do 'Star Wars.'"

"I learned firsthand how incredible and persuasive she is," Abrams told THR. "The thing about any pre-existing franchise -- I'd sort of done that, but when I met with Kathy, it was suddenly very tantalizing."

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In a world where trailers get teasers, Entertainment Tonight has aired five seconds of the new "Iron Man 3" TV spot scheduled to air during the Super Bowl.

Opens May 3


In an intriguing update on the lack of "Young Justice" and "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" from this fall's DC Nation programming block on Cartoon Network, The Worlds Finest has posted quotes from two Cartoon Network representatives concerning the status of both shows.

"Shows will run their courses, others will premiere -- but we are not canceling anything, and those two series are still on our air," one representative was quoted as saying.

"[We] still have premieres for both those shows and are committed to excellent action programming and are very excited about 'Beware the Batman,'" said another.

While "Young Justice's" fate is still relatively uncertain, "Green Lantern" producer Giancarlo Volpe has confirmed production has stopped on "Green Lantern." No confirmation from the "Young Justice" showrunners has surfaced concerning the series' cancellation.


Matt Kindt's "MIND MGMT" series from Dark Horse Comics has been picked up by Twentieth Century Fox for a film adaptation. Ridley Scott is set to produce the film via his Scott Free banner. Dark Horse's Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg are also onboard as producers.


New images for the "Muppets" sequel starring Rickey Gervais have surfaced on EW.com. EW also spoke with Kermit the Frog about the upcoming film.

"I can actually tell you quite a lot because I have a press release in front of me, which makes it very easy!" Kermit told EW. "The idea of this film is that our gang is on this global tour, and we're selling out these grand theaters all over Europe -- in Berlin, Madrid, London -- but we sort of get into a little bit of trouble when we run across my doppleganger. He's the world's number one criminal, Constantine, and he happens to look an awful lot like me. I won't tell you any more than that, but let's just say mayhem ensues."


Eva Green has been cast as Ava Lord in "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For." Green is best known as Vesper Lynd in "Casino Royale." Robbie Rodriguez and Frank Miller's "Sin City" follow-up will see the actress cast as the titular "Dame to Kill For."

"We've been wanting to tell this story for a very long time. Ava Lord is one of the most deadly and fascinating residents of Sin City," Rodriguez and Miller said in a joint statement. "From the start, we knew that the actor would need to be able to embody the multifaceted characteristics of this femme fatale and we found that in Eva Green. We are ecstatic that Eva is joining us."

Opens October 4


MTV has posted a series of clips with Michael Emerson discussing his role as the Joker in "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2" animated film.

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