Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World: April 26th Comic Reel


Zack Snyder spoke with SFX Magazine about his approach to recreating Superman in "Man of Steel" as well as crafting a new version of Krypton.

"I really wanted my Krypton to be this kind of special place that's immersive and totally different from Earth, but not unbelievable," Snyder told SFX. "And ancient. I really wanted to give this ancient feeling to Krypton. I love technology that's rusty because it's so old. It's so advanced, but it's so old. That was the kind of world that I tried to create. A dying world that's ancient and torn apart."

Snyder also spoke with The L.A. Times about the film and its take on Superman.

"We tried not to make him so predictably morally black and white," Snyder said. "We gave him some shades of gray. His inherent goodness is still there, and if you really think about it, you still want him to be right and to make the right choices and to do the right thing. I think that we all hope for that in ourselves, and I think that's what always has made him a very interesting character. He's a Christlike figure. There's no two ways about it."

"Man of Steel" writer David S. Goyer did an AMA on Reddit where he answered fan questions about a myriad of topics, including the amount of pressure that hangs on the Superman reboot.

"Sure, there's a ton of pressure surrounding 'Man of Steel,'" said Goyer. "WB has a lot riding on it -- not just the Superman franchise, but the future of DC movies. More importantly, I think Zack, myself, Henry [Cavill] -- we just really want to give the fans the Superman film they deserve. The kind of Superman film I dreamed about making since I saw the first Donner film. I hope people like it as much as we do. Knock on wood."

Opens June 14


Empire Online spoke with "Iron Man 3" star Don Cheadle about the possibility of War Machine spinning off into his own film.

"When we have talked about the [War Machine] spin-off, what the departure point might be for War Machine... [we've discussed that] it might be when he goes rogue, so to speak, and takes a mission that he believes he is morally responsible for but is against policy and does it anyway," Cheadle told Empire. "What happens when he's out there and he's been dishonorably discharged but he still has the suit, or Tony makes him another suit? And now he's out there on his own too, but even worse than Tony, because now he's a fugitive. Because if we wanted to do it, I think the best way to do it would be go darker, to take it and make it even more visceral. Sort of close to the first 'Iron Man,' how it began. Really visceral and really realistic."

It should be noted that this is all conjecture and no solid plans have actually been made for a War Machine/Iron Patriot-centric spinoff.

MTV has posted a new clip from "Iron Man 3" featuring Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

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Comic Book Movie has posted a video interview with Joss Whedon on the red carpet for the "Iron Man 3" premiere and the strength of director Shane Black.

"I think Shane Black was the perfect guy for ['Iron Man 3'] because it's so funny, it's so Shane but I think people associate him with snark and he's actually a very heartfelt storyteller," Whedon said. "This is the next thing that needed to be said about Tony Stark. [The film's] not just coasting on goodwill, [Shane's] really digging in there, it's very much his movie and I love it."

Opens May 3


ET Online spoke with Tom Hiddleston during the "Iron Man 3" premiere, where he briefly spoke about what's in store for "Thor: The Dark World."

Opens November 8


Hayley Atwell spoke with Metro.co.uk about a myriad of topics, including training for her return to the role of Peggy Carter in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and the rumored Marvel One-Shot featuring the character.

"I've been working with some stunt coordinators - I get three separate fight scenes,' she says. 'The training has been really tough because not only are you learning the moves, you're also learning the power of the punch so it doesn't look like you have spaghetti arms. On my first day, they said: 'It's going really well but you don't have to add your own sound effects...'"

Opens April 4, 2014


More character posters for "Star Trek Into Darkness" courtesy of Cine1, this time for Dr. McCoy and Mr. Sulu.

Also, Paramount has released a character profile video for Chris Pine's James Kirk.

Opens May 17


Yahoo! Movies has posted the newest trailer for Pixar's "Monsters University" chock full of new footage.

Opens June 21


Collider spoke with producer Neal Moritz about the current status of "The Boys" adaptation with Adam McKay.

"'The Boys' we're working on with Adam McKay right now," Moritz told Collider. "He would love to do it and we're in the middle of working on it right now."

Moritz also gave a brief update on the "Preacher" film, saying, "We're actually talking about a little different direction on it. It is a priority, but it's one of those that is -- a very hard movie to get made in Hollywood today. But we're really working on it."


The full round-up of "Red 2" character posters has been revealed, as the sequence finishes with Anthony Hopkins and Byung Hun Lee.

Opens July 19

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