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Man of Steel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3: April 15th Comic Reel

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Man of Steel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 3: April 15th Comic Reel


Over the weekend, the viral campaign for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” has been fully unlocked, revealing an encoded message from Michael Shannon’s General Zod.

Opens June 14


Collider spoke with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely about their work on a number of films including “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and what audiences can expect from the upcoming sequel’s expanded role for Black Widow.

“[Black Widow is] a great — both in attitude and in profession — a great contrast to Steve Rogers,” said Markus. “She’s incredibly modern, not very reverent, and just very straightforward whereas Steve is, you know a man from the ’40s. He’s not a boy scout, but he is reserved and has a moral center, whereas her moral center moves.”

The duo also speak briefly about “Thor: The Dark World.” Check out Collider’s video interview below.

Opens April 4, 2014


TotalFilm has posted a tease for the current issue of its magazine, which includes an interview with Joss Whedon on his current body of work and responsibilities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — including “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“The ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ show fits into the mythology of ‘The Avengers’ remarkably well and they both complement each other,” Whedon told Total Film. “So it just seemed like a no-brainer – although it has required a lot of my brain to get it right. We have just finished shooting and I am excited. I think Marvel fans will appreciate what we have done.”


Marvel has posted an awesome overview of Tony Stark’s suits leading to “Iron Man 3.” It’s narrated by Jarvis!

Comic Book Movie has posted quotes and video from the recent “Iron Man 3” press conference in Germany with Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr, where both actors spoke about their characters, including the evolution of Pepper Potts.

“Pepper’s actually had a really interesting journey over the course of the films because she started off very much as Tony’s assistant and then caretaker and she’s really evolved into a woman with real power and responsibility and she’s really been given the space to step into herself,” Paltrow told the press. “This movie’s great because now it goes to a physical level. I’ve had a lot of fun playing Pepper, I love her and it’s been a great experience for me, especially to play this whole journey, I’ve never been in a movie that was a sequel, let alone a trilogy. It’s great.”

Opens May 3


Bryan Singer continues his intriguing Twitter teasers with the first look at Sir Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier and a look at the outside of a spherical set.

Opens July 18


The BBC has posted a new trailer for next week’s episode of “Doctor Who,” “Hide.”

Airs Saturdays on BBC


Tom Cruise spoke with Flicks and Bits about his starring role in “Oblivion” as Jack.

“Jack is a futuristic blue collar guy, basically,” Cruise told Flicks and Bits. “At the start of the film he believes he’s the last man on Earth. He’s a guy who fixes drones and he’s in charge of security for the resource gatherers and those big machines that are gathering up Earth’s sea water, to be utilized for the new colony on Titan. And that’s his job, everyday he goes down to Earth while Victoria stays in the Skytower and he’s essentially just fixing the drones and trying to not get killed (laughs). But Jack, he feels such a pull to Earth, that this is his home – I think that’s a big theme in the film: what is your home? And Earth is his home, he is questioning whether he wants to leave or not, even though all the resources are going. Victoria can’t wait to go to Titan, she’s done the five year tour of duty and she’s ready to move on.”

Opens April 19


HBO has released a preview for the upcoming episode of “Game of Thrones,” set to air this Sunday.

Airs Sundays on HBO


TrekMovie has posted a new international TV spot for “Star Trek Into Darkness” with some great voiceovers by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Opens May 17


GE has released a commercial featuring Hugo Weaving reprising his role as “The Matrix” character Agent Smith. It’s actually pretty entertaining.

Got any rampant rumors or weird comic book stuff? Be sure to drop us an email or sling us a webline on Twitter!

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