Man of Steal? Police on the trail of Superman after watch heist

To police in Nottinghamshire, England, the theft of a $33,000 watch looks like a job by Superman.

According to BBC News, authorities are searching for Superman Rostas, whom they say pretended to be a customer at a jewelry store in Newark, northeast of Nottingham. Using "distraction techniques" -- and, we can only presume, super-speed -- he allegedly made off with diamond-encrusted gold watch.

It's unclear why Superman wanted the watch, as he's been creating his own diamonds from super-compressed coal since at least the late 1940s.

The theft took place on June 19, meaning that this Superman -- a 25-year-old Romanian national with ties to Nottingham -- has a bit of a head start. Police are seeking the public's help in finding him. We recommend borrowing Jimmy Olsen's wristwatch ... if that hasn't come up missing too.

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