Man of faith dons Man of Tomorrow for children's Mass

Father Humberto Alvarez isn't a typical Catholic priest. Every Sunday, the 40-year-old dons a tunic emblazoned with images of Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, and, armed with a Super Soaker loaded with holy water, delivers a special Mass to the children of Saltillo, Mexico.

It's an unconventional approach, but one that appears to work, drawing parishioners young and old to the service. Alvarez told Zocalo magazine, that he embraced the superheroes because, "We talk about attitudes of struggle and effort to achieve overcome fears, find peace and forgiveness." He began using the water gun to bless the congregation following a series of fatal shootings in Saltillo.

While not everyone agrees with Alvarez's tactics, he's undaunted, saying, "Jesus was different and always sought justice, we must follow his example."

(via ComicMix, lainformacion)

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