Man Dressed as Spider-Man Creates Hazardous Web Trap on Toronto Sidewalk

A man dressed as Spider-Man was causing some trouble at the corner of Spadina Avenue and Queen Street in Toronto, ON.

A Twitter post from the Toronto authorities accused the web-slinger of throwing a line/rope over streetcar wires, as well as "'webbing' off" part of the sidewalk. An image provided shows the man standing on a fire hydrant while shooting webs.

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However, it was discovered that the man dressed as Spider-Man is merely a street performer. In fact, ccording to some Twitter users, the Toronto Spider-Man has been performing in that area of the city for years.

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Many local Toronto residents were happy to play along with Spider-Man's antics, saying he should be arrested or be declared, in the words of J. Jonah Jameson, "a menace." There were also plenty of Twitter users that showed their support for Toronto's Spider-Man, with some even saying he's the hero their city needed.

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The stunt was initially dubbed as a safety hazard by Toronto police, but thankfully, it didn't affect any streetcars or cause any damage to the sidewalk. Toronto's Spider-Man is reportedly back to his area of the city, performing for the locals.

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