Man arrested after throwing a Batarang at police car

The Dark Knight appears to have taken a dark turn this week in Seattle, where a man allegedly hurled a Batarang at the police car pursuing him. That may be just another night in Gotham City, but it's a little out of the ordinary for Seattle.

It all began Monday evening when police were called to a Capitol Hill bar after a man allegedly threatened a bouncer with a homemade spear (it was a knife attached to a metal pole, with no obvious Bat-emblem). The suspect fled, and during their pursuit police saw him throw something toward their SUV. It turned out to be, yes, a metal Batarang.

After they captured the 23-year-old suspect, officers discovered "a sharp, black Batman-style throwing star" embedded in the front end of the police SUV.

The man was booked for felony assault, but police are requesting additional weapons and obstruction charges.

(via Q13 Fox, Seattle Police Department)

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