Malibu Doctor Drama Results In Darth Vader Vs. USA - Well, Kind Of

Here's an odd one: Actor Hayden Christensen - yes, Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels - is suing the USA Network for ripping off his idea for a TV show. Allegedly, Christensen is the real mind behind hit drama Royal Pains.

Christensen is suing with his brother, Tove, and his production company Forest Park Pictures; the lawsuit claims that the Christensens met with USA to pitch a show called Housecall, about a a concierge doctor in Malibu who helps heal the rich and famous, presenting plot ideas and character biographies alongside a basic pitch - All of which they're now saying have been stolen in part or whole by USA for Royal Pains. The Hollywood Reporter points out that Christensen et al are, curiously, not suing for copyright infringement, but instead breach of implied contract, unfair competition and unjust enrichment, and asking for USA's profit from what he claims to be his idea.

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