Maleev Debuts Doctor Doom's "Infamous Iron Man" Armor Concept Art

It's unknown what Tony Stark's status will be in the aftermath of "Civil War II," which has found Stark pitted against his longtime Avengers teammate and friend Captain Marvel. But we do know that the Iron Man name will live on, albeit with at least two different faces under the mask.

Riri Williams, a teenage genius, will suit up in "Invincible Iron Man," a new ongoing series written by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Stefano Caselli. In the wake of that series' announcement, CBR debuted the first look at her armor which, while streamlined, continues to bear the traditional gold and red Iron Man fans are used to.

Now, Alex Maleev has offered an early look at the armor a newly-heroic Doctor Doom will don as the "Infamous Iron Man." Also debuting in the fall, the series, by Bendis and Maleev, finds none other than the Fantastic Four's arch-enemy taking up the Iron Man mantle. Though as the concept art below shows, his armor hews more closely to the look he held in his more villainous days.

In a pair of tweets, Maleev revealed that Doom's "infamous" Iron Man will eschew the colorful hues of his predecessor for a matte-finished grey, with a shiny, chromed faceplate. Additionally, it would appear Doom will once again wear his traditional hooded cape, albeit one that appears to be more of a dark gray than the green he's known for.

Marvel's "Infamous" and "Invinicible" Iron Men arrive in the fall as part of Marvel NOW!

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