Malaysian artist Milx resurfaces, explains disappearance

Has anyone seen Milx? That was a question being shouted around the offices of Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing in recent weeks. Milx, the Malaysian artist assigned to handle the art chores of Marvel's "Silver Surfer" series as well as the Steve Niles penned "Wake the Dead" from IDW Publishing, vanished from the radar a while back with absolutely no explanation. With deadlines looming, both Marvel and IDW attempted to track him down, ultimately without any success.

The first issue of Marvel's "Silver Surfer" did ship with art by Milx, but the second issue release date has been moved from August 27th to October 22nd in order to give a new artist the chance to catch-up on the series, according to Newsarama. Additionally, Newsarama has noted that Milx has been replaced on "Wake the Dead" by the artist named Chee. The change in artist for "Wake the Dead" will not affect the first issue release date set for next month.

The question remains, though, where is Milx? On forums around the Web concern grew for the well-being of the artist while attempts to contact him still went without answer. Until now.

CBR News was received a copy of the following e-mail sent earlier Monday by Milx to a number of work associates that his disappearance affected, explaining what exactly happened to the artist. The individuals addressed directly in this e-mail by first name are Marvel editor Tom Brevoort, "Silver Surfer" writers Stacy Weiss & Dan Chariton, IDW's Jeff Mariotte and Steve Niles. The e-mail is reprinted in its entirety without comment or correction.


First of all, I apologize for my unnecessary action of shutting down and running away from my responsibility. My action had affected everything, the project, others reputation and badly, myself. And by saying sorry over and over again won't do any good at this moment.

It's should have been smooth ride for me, but due to my greediness and over confident in tackling tasks in hands had lead me into this. People have been put their trust to me, and I wasted them away. A perfect mirror of my life. I run away when ever there's a breakdown facing me. Especially, to Steve Niles, the man that gives everything to me, chances and trust.

The very reason I wrote this is, I don't want to run away anymore. I going to face the consequences of the action that I made. I know that, from now on, nobody going to trust me or even pitch me a project but let me settle everything up. Sadly my life end up this way.

Tom: I know I have a contract with Marvel, and I blew the contract. Is there any legal action will be taken on me? If there is, I here to face it. I'm truly sorry for what I've done. It's a mess, and I'll clean it up.

Dan & Stacy: Sorry guys, for messing everything up. Truly I am, hope to see Silver Surfer flying with you guys in it.

Jeff: I know Wake the Dead is over for me. I regret it a lot. I'll return the unused art board ASAP. I can't do much. I'll send the remaining cover of Wake the Dead if you still want to use it. Thanks for your support, and sorry for wasting them.

Steve: I know that you really disappointed in me. I wasted my talent and my life. Right now, I am facing my problems and ready to move forward. Right now, I just want to repair my relationship with you, and I might not get to collaborate with you, but I do need some word of advice. Very least that I can asked.

A feedback from you guys is very much appreciated. Thanks.


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