Makeup artist transforms people into living comic book heroes

A self-trained makeup artist, Lianne Moseley of Calgary makes her living working with brides and models. However, she recently expanded her repertoire to include transforming people into superheroes who look as if they've stepped right off the comic book page.

“When I first did Archer, I posted it on my Facebook page and my friends liked it but I didn't have a big following but my brother really liked it and he posted it on Reddit,” Moseley, a comics fan herself, tells CTV News. “Just last night Ashton Kutcher shared an article on my work on his Facebook page.”

Her Facebook page reveals impressively faithful recreations of superheroes ranging from Aquaman and She-Hulk to Superman and Wolverine, transformations that take a couple of hours to complete.

(via Fashionably Geek)

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