Make mine MoCCA: Creators and small press

Of course, the really great thing about this weekend's MoCCA Festival is the huge flock of individual creators who go there to show off their work. Here's the full list, and here are a few of the highlights that jumped out at me. Feel free to point out the good stuff I missed in the comments section.

Cathy Leamy will be at the Boston Comics Roundtable table with her brand-new diary comic What's the Word?, a collection of her diary comics from Metrokitty.

Neil Kleid will happily sign copies of his comics, mini-comics, and graphic novels (The Big Kahn, Brownsville), and anything else he has work in (including the Fraggle Rock anthology), but if you really want to make his day, bring him an obscure soda.

Stephanie Yue, who illustrates the Guinea Pig: Pet Shop Private Eye graphic novels (not just adorable, but funny for both adults and kids) will be there, as will her editor Carol Burrell, who draws SPQR Blues under the nickname Klio.

Rica Takashima will have a special doujinshi just for MoCCA. Rica is a yuri (lesbian) manga creator and the author of the much-acclaimed Rica 'tte Kanji?, which Shaenon Garrity described, approvingly, as "as cute as a blender full of kittens."

If your tastes tend more toward the retro-bizzare, check out Coin Op Studio, which will be debuting the charmingly titled Coin Op No. 3: Municipal Parking and Waterfall at the show.

Jeph Jacques shows off the print he will be selling (with a view of the preliminary drawing as well) at his Tumblr.

The Schulz Library blog is highlighting the MoCCA offerings of students, alumni, and faculty of the Center for Cartoon Studies, including the promising-looking anthology This Isn't Working: Comics About Ex-Boyfriends, edited by Robyn Chapman, Colleen Frakes's The Trials of Sir Christopher, and Andy Warner's Behind the Stars.

Judging by its cover, Sundays 4 (Forever Changes) should be a beautiful book. The anthology, which includes contributions from the likes of Ed Piskor (Boingthump) and Warren Craghead III), debuts at MoCCA and will be available online after that, but they are only making 300 of these (hand-numbered) suckers, so MoCCA is the place to get 'em.

Sparkplug comics will be debuting two new tites at the show, The Disgusting Room, by Austin English, and Reich #8, by Elijah Brubaker.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of Fay Ryu's work, since her website shows her as an accomplished cartoonist in the cute-animals category (but with a nice, loose style) but it left me wanting more.

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