Make Mine Mini: <i>The Girl with the Donut Tattoo</i>

I didn't get a lot of minicomics at Comic-Con International, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of The Girl with the Donut Tattoo, by Darlene and Paul Horn

Darlene is a food blogger, and her husband Paul draws the comic Cool Jerk. I'm lucky to even have a copy of this, as according to this article, they printed up 100 copies and they all went fast. (But the good news is they are taking orders for a second printing.)

It's a cute little booklet of gag comics about foodie life, from the necessity to stop and photograph one's food before eating to the horrible things we eat when we scrounge from the refrigerator. Notes in the back provide a helpful guide to what's fact and what's fiction, but all of Darlene's sharp humor rings true, and Paul's deft illustrations work perfectly with the subject matter. There are recipes, too, although one calls for spray butter and another for cake mix, which suggests the Horns are not insufferable when it comes to food—they are the kind of folks who are not afraid to admit that Log Cabin syrup is actually pretty tasty, especially if it's on a good waffle. At 24 pages for $5, The Girl with the Donut Tattoo is a slim volume but a nice addition to any dedicated eater's library.

Darlene also did a food-focused roundup of Comic-Con.

And credit where credit is due — my fellow manga blogger Deb Aoki put me on to this, and as she happened to have two copies ... now I have one.

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