Make America Groot Again: James Gunn Urges Everyone To Vote

Today is election day in America and millions of citizens are heading to their respective polling places to cast their vote. And in some states, early voting has already been underway for weeks now as Americans decide who will be the next president. Filmmaker James Gunn, who helmed 2014's "Guardians of the Galaxy" and is hard at work on its 2017 follow-up, took to Instagram to urge his American fans to vote. And, fittingly, he did so using a piece of fan art depicting someone who is definitely not on the ballot in any state -- the guardian of the galaxy Groot.

In the caption, James Gunn writes:

Americans - As much as you may be tempted to write in, "I am Groot," please don't succumb to the modern malaise of saying there is no difference between the candidates or it doesn't matter what you do. There IS an enormous difference between the two major candidates for President this year, and they will each affect the face of our country very differently. And, as has been shown in recent elections, your vote may be the difference between one or the other.

So please vote. Your voice deserves to be heard. This is your country, and your world. Vote your conscience and vote with love. I believe in all of you.


The design, which comes from Obvian, can also be found on a t-shirt available at TeePublic.

Election day in America is today, November 8. If you have questions about your polling place, you can find it at sites like I Will Vote, Vote411 or Google.

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