Marvel Reveals Major X's Mother Is Actually [SPOILER]

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Major X #5, by Rob Liefeld, Brent Peeples, Adelso Corona, Romulo Farjado Jr. and VC's Joe Sabino, on sale now.

Rob Liefeld's Major X has been a major shot of nostalgia for current Marvel readers. The story of a time-traveling soldier known as Major X has the distinctive art styles of the '90s and takes us back to outlandish stories, wacky costumes and gigantic guns that defined the era.

One of the miniseries' most shocking moments came when Major X revealed that he was Alexander Nathaniel Summers and that his father was his timeline's Cable. In Major X #5, as Alex battles to save his realm from total annihilation, he's driven to protect another important person in his life, his mother: Storm.

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This story takes place before the adult Cable died last year and before the younger Kid Cable took his place in the X-Men's world. Alex has been time-hopping while he's trying to save his leader, the X-Ential, the person who brought mutants and Atlanteans together in his timeline, where they built a war-free life. However, the Atlanteans -- led by Namor and his twins, Nomar and Lora -- have turned on the mutants because their waters are becoming uninhabitable, and they want to rearrange their deal so their species will become the dominant one.

While trying to find the kidnapped X-Ential, Major X and his world's Beast, M'Koy, ended up in the past with Cable and the X-Men. There, Alex revealed his lineage to Cable, who helped them find the X-Ential. After running afoul of Dreadpool and the rest of Namor's forces, the group fled to a dystopian future version of the mutant nation Genosha, where the X-ential was raised. As they continue to face off against Namor's forces, the X-Ential's protege, Aura, realized that they needed to travel back to the past to keep Major X from being erased from history by saving his mother, Storm, from their enemies.

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While Storm is most famously romantically associated with her ex-husband, Black Panther, she and Cable may have taken their relationship to the next level in the '90s. Throughout that decade, Marvel dropped several teases about a relationship between Storm and Cable, but nothing serious ever came of it, or so we thought.

The bond between the two X-Men goes back to when Storm became an enemy of the Morlocks and sought counsel from Cable, who became enamored with her after seeing her strong leadership skills. Later on, after Hulk nearly killed Cable, it was heavily implied that something romantic was going on between Storm and Cable. While it was never explicitly discussed, that union, or a later encounter inspired by it, could've been the genesis of Alex's birth.

While Storm was never visibly pregnant in the comics, any manner of time-travel, genetic experimentation, alternate dimensions or mindwipe shenanigans could still make this plot work.

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Either way, the Marvel Universe's Storm is clearly reeling from this electrifying reveal because for the last decade or so, there's been no strong link between her and Cable, much less a bond that could've resulted in a child. As it stands, it's clear that some major X-Men secrets with a sizeable impact on the future will be revealed in the final issue of Major X.

Major X #6 goes on sale June 26, 2019.

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