Major Marvel Mutant Returns In "Civil War II: X-Men" #3 -- And Picks A Side

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Civil War II: X-Men" #3, which is in stores now.

The arrival of the Inhuman Ulysses has sent shockwaves throughout the Marvel Universe. The Inhuman, gifted with the ability to read even the smallest probabilities from across the globe and create detailed and presumably inevitable predictions of the future, has become the focal point of a battle between Iron Man and Captain Marvel, as well as the Inhuman and mutant populations. And even the mutant X-Men teams have found themselves divided on how to handle Ulysses; Storm's team wants to work with the Inhumans while Magneto and his followers view the young precognitive as a potential threat to the already embattled mutant population.

We now know who specifically Magneto was referring to. "Civil War II: X-Men" #3, by Cullen Bunn and Andrea Broccardo, opens up on Rachel Grey walking the streets of London alone, upset at the state of the mutant race and humanity's lack of compassion for their plight.

A longtime X-Man with history stretching back well over thirty years, Rachel Grey hasn't been seen in a comic since "X-Men" #26, which was released in April 2015. This issue confirms her whereabouts and also explains why she stepped away from the team off-panel following "Secret Wars."

We learn that Rachel cut ties with the X-Men following Cyclops' still mysterious actions in the eight-month gap following "Secret Wars." But just because she's stayed away from the X-Men doesn't mean she's not concerned about mutants. Magneto offers Rachel a chance to help mutantkind and, when next we see Rachel, she's sitting with the rest of his team at War Room X.

The issue ends with a tease of Magneto's plan: while the rest of his team distracts Storm's group by attacking them in broad daylight, he and Rachel Grey make a move on the Inhuman stronghold of New Attilan.

This move ramps up the conflict just in time for the big finale in "Civil War II: X-Men" #4. The final chapter of the X-Men's "Civil War II" tie-in will arrive on September 21.

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