Major "Agent Carter" Character Falls in the Line of Duty

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Hollywood Ending," the season two finale of "Agent Carter."

The season two finale of "Agent Carter" seemed like a true "Hollywood Ending" -- until the stinger, that is. The whole gang made it through the final confrontation with Whitney Frost fine, but Chief Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) was assassinated in his hotel room just moments before the credits rolled.

After the big showdown, Thompson headed to his hotel to pack up for his flight back to New York City. As he was closing his suitcase, he heard a knock at his door. Upon opening the door, Thompson was shot point blank in the chest by someone dressed in a black jacket and black gloves. The figure -- whose face is never shown -- then stepped into the room and found the falsified report about Peggy's time during the war. He (or she) then took the file and exited the room, leaving Thompson bleeding on the floor.

Thompson was one of the show's more complex characters and an occasional antagonist for Peggy. He carried more than a few secrets; for instance, at the end of season one, he was given the credit for Peggy's capture of Dr. Faustus and accepted a promotion at the New York S.S.R. office that could have gone to her, had he corrected his higher ups.

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Despite his hardened exterior and more selfish inclinations, however, he helped Peggy and her crew every now and then. In the last few episodes of season two, he defied his father figure Vernon Masters in order to take down the Council of Nine as well as Whitney Frost, refused to expose the fabricated report about Peggy's "wartime crimes" and showed her that the pin she got from Dottie Underwood was actually a key.

Though renewal for a third season of the show is currently up in the air, the finale clearly set up a new storyline between the key and Thompson's death. The key itself seems to hint at a larger connection to Hydra, and the identity of Thompson's killer is still unknown.

While Thompson met a grisly fate, Peggy and Sousa had a much happier ending. When she visited Sousa to say goodbye before her trip back to New York, she ended up kissing him and decided to stay in Los Angeles for a while longer. If "Agent Carter" gets renewed for a third season, she and Sousa will likely have to solve the mystery of Thompson's death.

Starting next Tuesday, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." will pick up "Agent Carter's" time slot and air Tuesdays at 9 pm EST on ABC.

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