Maisie Williams Says 'Hell Yes' to 'Last Of Us' Role

IGN has gotten an update on the status of The Last of Us film adaptation, and things look pretty bright for fans who want to see Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams in the role of Ellie.

The actress, best known for playing Arya Stark on the hit HBO fantasy drama, revealed that while there's still no script for the video game adaptation, her involvement is "looking like, 'yes.'"

She said became aware of the role after Ellie voice actor Ashley Johnson revealed on Twitter that Williams was her ideal casting. "And when I got my American agent and he said, 'If there's anything you want to do, let us know,'" Williams continued. "America's got such that can-do attitude. That was the first time I came to him with anything. So he said he'd set us up for a meeting next time I'm in America, and they did. So I had a meeting with [producer] Sam Raimi and [game director] Neil Druckmann.

"So the way it was left is they want me to do it, and I want to do it," Williams said. "But there's no script, no director and no anything else. So at this moment, it's looking like, 'Yes,' but it's still such early days. If they make it in 30 years, they can't have a 40-year-old Ellie. So at the moment, it's looking good, and I'd love to do it. Hell yeah."

This echoes a similar interview Williams gave in October, although her wording has become much more definitive since then; there were no "hell yeahs" back in October. Williams was mentioned by Raimi during the Last of Us panel at Comic-Con International.

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