Mahfood To Team With Crime Novelist Phillips For New Oni Mini

Official Press Release

[Shot Callerz]Oni Press is pleased to announce SHOT CALLERZ, a four-issue, monthly miniseries from acclaimed novelist Gary Phillips (THE JOOK, SHOOTER'S POINT) and fan-favorite artist Jim Mahfood (GRRL SCOUTS, ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP). Set in the type of gritty urban world both Mahfood and Phillips are known for, SHOT CALLERZ is the story of Nea Garvin, a two-bit crook that's been double-crossed and is now on the prowl for the man that did her wrong and the money she had coming to her. Joining Mahfood on covers will be painter and COFFIN artist Mike Huddleston.

"SHOT CALLERZ has a lot in common with the blaxploitation films of the 70s," explained series editor James Lucas Jones. "Gary's put together a story that's full of dark humor, over-the-top characters and all-out action. It's vicious and unrelenting and thoroughly enjoyable."

"When Joe (Nozemack, Oni Publisher) first told me about Gary's novels, I was a little skeptical," said Mahfood. "But as soon as I read THE JOOK, I knew Gary was somebody I needed to work with. Gary's novels are a brutal mix of bad people and bad choices, but they're also a lot of fun. SHOT CALLERZ is exactly the type of hard-hitting tale Gary's known for."

Set in the sprawling metropolis of modern-day Los Angeles, SHOT CALLERZ follows Nea as she hunts down Phil Tangiers, the man who betrayed her. Standing in her way is Herman "Big Freight" Nox, the check-cashing mogul they ripped off, his army of goons, and some of LA's biggest and baddest eight ballers and shot callers. Can she find Tangiers and the money before Big Freight and his thugs find her?

"You'll just have to wait and see," said Phillips. "That's just one of the many ways comics are different and fun. You get to let the story bleed out bit by bit. And when people see Jim's unbelievable art the wait is going to seem even longer!"

"Reading SHOT CALLERZ is like getting hit with a 2x4 from behind," Jones concluded. "Gary and Jim have created this brutal, but entrancing world. You'll never know what hit you."

SHOT CALLERZ #1 (of 4) will feature 32 pages of black-and-white story and art, with a full color cover. With a cover price of $2.95, it will ship to comic book stores in June 2002.

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