Maguire to draw "Guardians of the Galaxy" #10

Following the news that Kevin Maguire was fired from DC Comics' upcoming series "Justice League 3000," "Guardians of the Galaxy" writer Brian Michael Bendis has shared on Tumblr that Maguire will draw the 10th issue of that series.

"As I have made it very clear on this tumbler, I think artists like Kevin are a national treasure and should be treated as such by publishers and readers alike," Bendis wrote. "As Matt Fraction said at dinner last night, he is probably one of the most influential comic artists of this generation but doesn't get enough credit for it. You can see his influence in a lot of places."

Bendis added that he has been talking with Maguire on and off "for awhile but the stars never aligned."

"I am not exactly sure what happened to him this week but I would like to thank whoever it was that made it possible for Kevin to join me on Guardians of the Galaxy number 10," Bendis wrote, "which I hope will be the first of many projects together. I may have just announced something I wasn't supposed to :-)"

After announcing his firing on Twitter, Maguire wrote on the Bleeding Cool message boards that while he was fired from "Justice League 3000," he still has some work he's doing for DC. DC, meanwhile, told Newsarama that Howard Porter would replace Maguire on the title, which has been delayed until December.

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