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Magog #1

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Magog #1

From the pages of “Kingdom Come” via the pages of “Justice Society of America,” Magog takes center stage and starts kicking ass. As he was portrayed in “Kingdom Come,” Magog is shown here as a proactive soldier pretending to be a hero. Giffen uses the clean slate of Magog to challenge the status quo of the superhero in the DC Universe. That’s a sticky wicket that Giffen tries to address, and will very obviously continue to address. Magog wonders out loud more than once how long it would take a hero like Superman or the Flash to clean up the world’s problems. Until they smarten, he figures it is his job to rid the world of its problems.

The story means well. Giffen knows what he wants to do and clearly has a vision for where this character is going to go. The problem is Giffen gives us previous little to work with beyond the very little we already know about Magog. This character is not at all endearing as Giffen portrays him. The situations he seeks out are almost as grotesque as his means of solving them. This is, however, the first issue, so the story if nowhere near complete.

Porter and Dell bring a raw vibrancy to the book. Porter’s work closely resembles his early efforts on “The Ray,” which fits the attitude of the titular character quite nicely. Unfortunately, there are some panels that fall flat or even seem cramped, with the action and items in those panels feeling congested or ill-designed. Ashe did with Ray Terrill, however, Porter is charged with building a world here in the pages of “Magog.” I am certain that Porter and Dell will find a comfort level quickly as they continue to design Magog’s world together.

This book is not a book for everyone. The closest approximation I can conceive of this title is that it is DC’s version of the Punisher, but placed on a global scale. Rather than finding and killing the smack dealer, Magog is going to cover the globe to find and shut down the arms dealer — by any means necessary. The adventures of Magog are just beginning here, so there isn’t a better time to jump on, provided you like proactive heroes who won’t hesitate to kill the bad guys.