Magnum PI Sequel In The Works At ABC

Is "Magnum P.I." making a comeback? The original Tom Selleck version might be long concluded, but the possibility of a legacy version is now on the table. ABC is attempting to revive the classic private eye franchise with a new series focusing on Thomas Magnum's daughter, Lily Magnum.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has a script commitment with penalty for a "Magnum P.I." sequel, meaning that the intention is to shoot and air a pilot is there -- and ABC will owe a hefty fee if they back out of the deal.

This reboot would see the younger Magnum come to Hawaii to carry on her father's legacy. It would mix elements of crime, spy-fiction and mystery along with the sunny beaches of the island state. It would feature the original series' action and episodic format, with an underlying plot of Lily attempting to get to the bottom of a larger mystery that killed her Naval Intelligence career. No word on whether or not Thomas Magnum or any of the other characters from the '80s series would be featured in the new show.

The proposed series would see ABC joining forces with a creative team including John Rogers, the creator of "Leverage" and "The Librarians," and Eva Longoria, who would help produce the series on behalf of Universal Television.

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